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Enchanting and beautiful...

Sweet and so very charming.

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Here's to a girl's secrets and undying passion for writing. Strange, maybe. Silly, perhaps. Dreams are DREAMS and will forever reign in her conscience, young or dying. Words and thoughts and long, painful hours are her best friends and seconds are her family. Clouds sing in her ears and winds lull her to immediate sleep. This is HERS and HERS only.

Kpop❤ Fanfiction community of k19a2i8m1. Will be flooded by fandoms such as Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), Wonder Girls, CNBLUE, 2PM, 2AM, After School and absolutely MOAR. Polished and wiped, will do utmost to update. Yearnin' for some lovin'!

Shush Lovely Shy Baby PROFILE

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